If I could, I would give you wings to lighten the daily demands of the

behavioral discrepancies of your student or child. Whether the demands are

due to autism, pervasive developmental disorders, Asperger's Syndrome,

emotional disturbances, attention deficit disorders or another difference

which manifests itself in behavioral difficulties for you, the parent or

educator, our company will provide the training for handling these challenges

through seminars, institutes, and technical assistance to school districts,

parents, and education service centers throughout the nation or world.

"And you will find the rainbow's end, 'cause wings will get you there."

A Child's Gift of Lullabyes By Katherine Dines




Kathy Kaluza Morris has been a special educator
for 40 years. She has been a speech therapist,
teacher in self-contained classes for students
with emotional disturbances, autism and cerebral
palsy. She was also a resource teacher,
diagnostician and supervisor before becoming a
consultant for behavior, autism, LIFE Skills and
assistive technology at an education service center
in Texas. She started her own consulting firm
specializing in autism and behavior in 1999. 

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Bring KaThY to You

Kathy is pleased to announce her new association with Stetson and Associates.  She also works with both BER and PESI to bring practical training to you.  Kathy also trains on grief, siblings, communication systems, and does in-home training independently.  So bring Kathy in and see the changes training can bring to your classroom or your home.

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